The social responsibility of APIS CIVI

Created at 28/07/2020 at 10:24, Updated at 10/12/2023 at 06:22

Since its creation, APIS CIVI has placed the ecosystem at the center of its business. The company is aware of not only its environmental responsibility but also its social responsibility.


APIS CIVI’s responsibility in ethics


 APIS CIVI was founded based on a simple idea of beekeeping in urban centers to respect wildlife, thus against global warming. At the beginning, it was clear to us that our values should focus on respect for wildlife and get people to discover the nature.


During our partners’ selection phase, APIS CIVI looked for partners sharing the same values and visions to establish long term and sustainable partnerships.


To start APIS CIVI, we decided to create 3 types of partnerships. The first one on education, the second one on fair trade and the last one on rehabilitation.


APIS CIVI’s responsibility in education


Together with the NGO Happyculteur, APIS CIVI created workshops to help discover the beekeeping activities in urban centers and its impacts on biodiversity. These workshops help establish eco-responsibility and sustainability by instructing them on how they can contribute daily to the wildlife.


APIS CIVI’s responsibility in fair trade


APIS CIVI is actively acting in favor of buying and selling locally and regionally. We give priority every time we can to local material or services. Our strategy is to apply the same fair-trade values to our vendors as the one we are trying to establish with our customers. This of course implies trading of sustainability and quality for long term profitability to offer the best services to our customers.


APIS CIVI’s responsibility in rehabilitation


Two actions appear interesting to us in this field. The first one drags participants out of precariousness by providing them with professional knowledges and experiences, allowing them to enter  the job market. The second one supports and offers activity to companies specialized in training and provides jobs to the disabled.


For the first initiative, we signed in 2017 a permanent contract furnishing equipment support to an NGO training people for agricultural jobs, especially beekeeping.


For the second initiative, we installed our honey filling line into a company specialized in training and caring for disabled people in the 19th district of Paris. In 2019, we extended the scale of activity by contracting them for our delivery activities. When we decided to install this production line with this company, the choice was made to keep manual operation to support this company, instead of automating the entire process that would have resulted in lower costs per honey jar.



Your initiatives are welcome here:

APIS CIVI really cares about working for a sustainable future, but we are just a small player, so we are always looking for good initiatives that will back up or improve our values. Do not hesitate to send us a message and we are looking forward to new partners.


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