A Honey House in Paris

Passionate with bee keeping, lovers of nature and living in Paris, it was natural for us to found Apis Civi – Honey of Paris..

The Beginning of Apis Civi, A beautiful story of honey from Paris


The first bee hives that our company installed in 2016 were located around the parks and gardens at the center of Paris. The primary objective was to favor the biodiversity in Paris, through trees and flowers pollination, and to produce products of high quality. As the bees can forage up to 2 kilometers far from their hives, it was clear for us to have our hives installed in some neighborhoods rather than others. The 16th district of Paris, with its proximity to the Bois de Boulogne and the 19th district with the Buttes Chaumont Park partnered with us and that’s how we started to produce the honey from Paris APIS CIVI. The following year we applied the same principles and extended the number of bee hives by partnering with public and private companies. The Champs-Elysées, Montmartre, or Belleville and the Batignoles were therefore starting to see our bees foraging in their areas. In 2019, another extension was conducted on the South side of Paris in the 13th, 14th and 15th districts.

A honey harvested in Paris and consumed in France

pot de miel

In 2017, APIS CIVI was the only honey house labelled « made in Paris » and received the “médaille de la ville de Paris” designation from the local government. In 2018, the honey from Paris APIS CIVI received the gold medal of the general agricultural fair from Paris over all the honeys produced in France. Our honey from Paris, tested with no pesticides, is produced from an exceptional variety of species of flowers including mainly lindens, horse chestnuts, locust trees and sophoras Japonicas providing it a unique taste. Today Paris counts 2,000 different species of trees and flowers that are being foraged by our bees thanks to the location of our hives.

APIS CIVI's commitments, A Honey from Paris eco-friendly and ethical


In 2020, APIS CIVI that was previously acting with local NGOs and local institutions decided to increase its outreach effort and educate the public about the necessity of the bees. This was done by increasing the number of hives available in its school located in the Bois de Boulogne and by increasing the number of hives dedicated to visitors. Since 2018, our company have been able to diversify the types of honeys produced thanks to its new hives installed outside of Paris. In the Future, APIS CIVI will continue to expand its unique honey offerings. By the end of 2020, APIS CIVI will sell crafted products like spray of propolis, royal jelly, or pollens. These new products will allow the company to extend the number of bee hives. Additionally, developing free access self-learning parks where people would be able to freely discover the bees and its impact on the environment in also under consideration for the future. APIS CIVI has built a partnership for logistical tasks with a public social company that is helping disabled and homeless people to get back to work by a social integration.